Commercial provision of large-scale language model (LLM) “tsuzumi” begins  NTT|電経新聞

Commercial provision of large-scale language model (LLM) “tsuzumi” begins  NTT

左からNTTコミュニケーションズの菅原英宗副社長、島田社長、大西常務、NTTデータの冨安寛常務(From left: NTT Communications Vice President Hidemune Sugawara, President Shimada, Managing Director Onishi, Managing Director Hiroshi Tomiyasu of NTT DATA)

On March 25, NTT began commercially providing the large-scale language model (LLM) ”tsuzumi”.
Tsuzumi’s feature is that it is lightweight. Although the parameter size is 7 billion parameters, 1/25th of ChatGPT3, it achieves higher language performance than ChatGPT3.5.
Tsuzumi’s language skills are especially high in Japanese, but her English skills are also high, and she has the same level of ability as Meta’s LLM. It can also be tuned at low cost, and corporate data can be used securely within the corporate environment.
Multimodality is also a feature. Compatible with various formats, including reading charts and tables. Many of the data that we want the generative AI to learn from are manuals with PowerPoints, diagrams, graphs, etc. The learning performance of such charts and tables also exceeds ChatGPT 3 and 5, achieving high reading accuracy.
NTT Group aims to achieve sales of 100 billion yen by 2027.
NTT has already received inquiries from more than 500 companies.
NTT President Akira Shimada said, ”Two-thirds of our customers request that LLM learn internal data and utilize customized LLM.Especially for highly confidential data such as manufacturing, local government, and finance. We receive many inquiries from the industries we serve.”
Applications include use at customer contact points such as call centers, automatic creation of minutes and summaries, creation of Q&A from business manuals, automation of IT operations, and software development.
tsuzumi partner program will be launched and recruitment will begin in May.
Companies that become partners can use some of tsuzumi’s APIs free of charge. This will make it easier to consider things like incorporating tsuzumi behind the scenes of solution services developed in-house. In addition, you can obtain the right to use industry/business-specific models generated through the partner program, and share know-how such as use cases.
NTT Managing Director Sachiko Onishi said, ”We would like to create new value together with our partners by providing opportunities such as forums to develop tsuzumi utilization skills and share knowledge between partners”.
President Shimada said, ”We would like to work with partners to realize AI construction that links small AI and LLM that realize various values. By linking small AI that realizes individual values with IOWN, we can create a single giant AI. “We will create value with greater expertise and diversity than AI”.
A members forum will also be launched for tsuzumi users.
Targeting users who are actually using tsuzumi, we have prepared a membership website that only registered members can access, and we have created a website where only registered members can access the site, asking questions such as ”What kind of business have you used tsuzumi for?” or ”What kind of data have you learned?” You can share use cases and know-how, such as “What kind of effects did you get?”
NTT is also considering the global market. We will build a global platform for generative AI that allows the safe and secure use of tsuzumi, incorporate tsuzumi into solutions that NTT Data is deploying globally, and provide them from our globally deployed data centers.