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Outdoor unmanned transportation with local 5G NTT East Akita, etc.

eve auto

NTT East Akita, Akita University, and eve automation have been holding an Akita workshop on March 18th in conjunction with the start of providing a verification environment using local 5G as an industry-academia collaboration. At the opening ceremony of the University AI Research Promotion Center, a demonstration run of the outdoor unmanned transport service ‘eve auto” was held.
eve automation is developing ”eve auto,” a solution for factories and logistics facilities that enables the introduction of automatic transportation systems without requiring prior equipment construction, mainly outdoors.

Outdoor environments require operation in harsher environments than indoors, including road conditions such as steps and slopes, as well as weather conditions such as rain and sunshine. eve auto utilizes EV carts, which are used nationwide due to their high reliability, and cutting-edge autonomous driving technology, which is also used on general public roads, to operate at an autonomous level in outdoor environments such as factories, even on rainy days or at night. 4 unmanned transportation operation, it can also be used in facilities that require 24-hour operation.