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Acoustic XR event in Shibuya NTT Sonority

From March 20th to March 24th, NTT Sonority will hold the “Uncomfortable Museum by nwm x NTT,” an acoustic XR event that will sharpen your sense of hearing, at UNKNOWN HARAJUKU in Shibuya, Tokyo. At the same time, a satellite exhibition of the same event will be held at WITHHARAJUKU.
At the venue, NWM’s ear speaker ”Mimi Supi” allows each person to enjoy their own favorite sounds without worrying about sound leakage, and as the core of the experience, ”Emi Supi” as a personal device and an installed type that delivers sound to the venue. They make full use of two types of sound reproduction technology for each content: a new type of stereophonic technology that works in conjunction with speakers, and sound reproduction technology that utilizes ”ear sound” and location information, to create an entertaining and unique sound experience that sharpens your hearing and ears. Introducing. It will also serve as a demonstration field for acoustic XR, presenting a vision of the future and exploring the possibilities of technological needs for acoustic XR.
Use nwm’s ”ear sound” and installed surround speakers at the same time. They will prepare acoustic XR content that is harmonious in sound but unpleasant to the senses, without harming the acoustic area created by each or the conversation between customers (photo).
Although the amount of information that people receive through hearing is smaller than through vision, there is a tendency for people to concentrate on information and wonder, ”What is this?” It is believed that hearing has the power to stir the imagination.