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Terahertz communication device that can be installed outdoors Waseda University

Waseda University, in collaboration with Gifu University and others, has developed a terahertz communication device that can be installed outdoors, and has begun long-term continuous transmission experiments at Waseda University’s Nishi-Waseda Campus.
Until now, most terahertz communications have been demonstrated at the laboratory level, but this research has enabled 24-hour outdoor operation.
Implemented attitude control function for communication equipment and realized automatic antenna adjustment. Currently, we are conducting evaluations of transmission characteristics during weather fluctuations, including rain and snowfall, and they have successfully measured terahertz propagation characteristics during heavy snowfall in the Tokyo region on February 5th, and obtained information useful for future system design. The signal format, frequency. comply with the terahertz communication standard IEEE802.15.3d.
It is expected that this technology will contribute to the construction of a network for connecting base stations of the Beyond 5G/6G system, a highly reliable next-generation mobile communications system that is less affected by bad weather.