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Power nap at a sleep event NTT PARAVITA

NTT PARAVITA is co-sponsoring the event on March 15th with Yogi , which develops and sells the app ”Nemanma Yoga” and operates yoga studios ”Studio Yogi” in 14 locations nationwide. On World Sleep Day, we will hold an event called ”Power Nap for Everyone #Relax Challenge” with the aim of managing stress and improving performance of working people.
“Power Nap for Everyone #Relax Challenge” is a challenge project for corporations that allows employees to experience the effects of taking a nap during their lunch break. A “power nap” is an “active” nap or nap, meaning that he takes a short nap of 15 to 30 minutes between approximately 12:00 and 15:00.
Short naps have been attracting attention for improving work performance.
Participation is free. Apply from the dedicated website (URL: https://event.nttparavita.com/yoggy_20240315).