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Automating long-distance transportation work in warehouses Suzuken

協調搬送ロボット(Collaborative transfer robot)

Suzuken  will provide long-distance transportation services within warehouses developed by NEC to automate and save labor in the wholesale distribution area of the “Metropolitan Area Logistics Center,” a complex distribution center scheduled to start operations in April. Introduced the “Collaborative Transport Robot Service” to automate the process. This is the first time in the pharmaceutical wholesale industry that a “collaborative transport robot service” has been introduced.
This service is a set of two robots that transport a unit load (cargo transport equipment such as a basket truck or flat truck) between them. Information obtained from cameras and sensors installed on the ceiling of the warehouse is aggregated, and multiple robots can be controlled at once.
Additionally, since the system can automatically search for the optimal transportation route that avoids obstacles, it can also reduce the risk of accidents involving people. Furthermore, as the amount of goods increases, it is possible to easily change the internal layout of the warehouse or add more robots.
In order to deal with the chronic shortage of logistics human resources, the increasing volume of goods, and the variety of transport methods, they have introduced a “Collaborative Transport Robot Service” to achieve both improved logistics accuracy and efficiency.