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Series “New Business Creation: Solutions from NTT East Group Companies” ⑰ NTTe-Sports

「eスポーツ×社内レクパッケージ」の特長(Features of “eSports x Recreation Package”)

NTTe-Sports is developing  ”esports x in-house recreation package” that supports e-sports tournaments as part of corporate in-house recreation.
The number of companies and organizations that hold e-sports as in-house recreation is on the rise, and the background to this is changes in communication between employees due to factors such as the establishment of remote work. Many companies are faced with issues such as employees becoming estranged from each other and their cohesiveness weakening, and in order to solve these issues, companies are placing renewed emphasis on recreation that stimulates communication between employees. 
Recreation can include a variety of things, such as bowling tournaments and karaoke tournaments, but among these, e-sports are attracting particularly high attention.

Regarding this point, Hidemasa Ida, manager ofNTTe-Sports’s business development department, said, ”Due to the nature of e-sports being able to be conducted online, it can be held at multiple locations connecting the head office and branch offices, and employees at each branch who do not normally come into contact with each other. It’s also a good way to interact”.
It also plays a role in stimulating communication between veteran employees and younger employees.
“At e-sports tournaments, veteran employees and younger employees often form teams and play against each other, and the younger employees lecture the veteran employees on how to operate the game, creating a familiar relationship that differs from their normal work relationships. It’s easy” (Mr. Ida).

”eSports x In-house Rec Package” was released with the aim of further boosting the popularity of e-sports, which is gaining attention as an in-house recreation activity.
This package is compatible with both online and offline applications. It brings together all the services necessary for esports tournaments, from planning to tournament management, technical support, live broadcasts, and distribution.
Depending on the purpose, you can flexibly set targets, venue, number of participants, etc. It can also be used for training and recruitment events.
They place great emphasis on network quality, paying close attention to ensuring that you can enjoy e-sports on a stable network even when connecting multiple locations online.
Currently, the demand for online and offline tournaments is evenly split.
Mr. Ida says, ”Our target group is large companies with multiple locations.In the case of companies, they often decide how much to spend on recreation per person.It is more cost-effective to have many employees participating in multiple locations. It’s going to be expensive”.

A wide range of companies use the package, including IT companies and food-related companies, but the need is particularly high in the construction industry.
The construction industry is having difficulty securing young human resources. For this reason, we are looking to create workplaces that are easy for young people to work in. An increasing number of companies are holding in-house recreation events using e-sports as a way to send a message that they value young people.
”The company that held the rec event said, ”The construction industry tends to be seen as a rigid workplace, but we promoted that we are a company that focuses on young people who enjoy e-sports together, and we conducted recruitment activities and achieved results”” (Mr. Ida).
There are also cases where building owners hold e-sports tournaments for their tenants. The purpose is to deepen interaction between tenants from the perspective of deterring tenants from leaving.

“What we have learned through the initiatives we have developed so far is that e-sports can help solve the problems faced by companies. We would like to continue to come up with e-sports solutions that solve the problems faced by companies” says Ida.
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