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Reducing supply chain risk NTT and NEC

NTT and NEC launched the Security Transparency Consortium in September of last year, with both companies as the organizers, with the aim of reducing supply chain security risks.
NRI Secure Technologies and Tokyo Electron have joined the participating companies at the time of its launch, including ALAXALA Networks, NTT Data Group, FFRI Security, Cisco Systems, Hitachi, and Mitsubishi Electric.
As a result of our activities, they will summarize the problems faced by the “user side” when using visualization data created and provided by the “creator side” regarding products, systems, services, and set the consortium’s activity policy for problem solving as the activity vision. 
The consortium aims to drastically reduce supply chain security risks by utilizing visualized data such as SBOM.
As an initiative for the “users” of visualized data, we will raise the issues faced by the “users” when utilizing visualized data, as well as explain our efforts to deal with each problem on our website (