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Launch of integrated banking cloud in 2028 NTT Data

NTT Data, together with the 13 banks participating in the regional bank joint center, has decided to apply the ”Integrated Banking Cloud” to the regional bank joint center in January 2028.
In line with this, development of the “Integrated Banking Cloud” will begin in April of this year. The Integrated Banking Cloud is the first domestic cloud in Japan dedicated to banking for shared banking systems, allowing multiple shared banking systems to be installed on a cloud uniquely constructed by NTT Data.
In the future, we aim to expand to other systems such as MEJAR and expand adoption by other types of financial institutions, thereby developing it into Japan’s largest dedicated banking cloud.
Integrated Banking Cloud is a domestically produced, ultra-highly reliable cloud exclusively for banking systems. Not only does it have the high reliability required of a banking system in terms of infrastructure and operations, but it also utilizes its own state-of-the-art data center, making it a state-of-the-art cloud that also takes into account sustainability with high green performance.