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Extend your healthy life expectancy through beauty Saeko Adachi (Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant)

Health and anti-aging are big issues for modern people. Health and youthfulness are also closely linked to beauty.
There is a unique hairdresser in Kyoto who offers beauty services that revitalize the cells of the body, rather than just design, with the theme of ”extending a healthy life expectancy through beauty.” This is Shusuke Mitsuoka, who runs a hair quality improvement clinic by S-Beaut in Kitayama, Kyoto. The shop run by Mitsuoka, who has been a hairdresser for 25 years, was originally a regular beauty salon.

However, as a result of the restaurant’s focus on attracting customers too much and becoming unable to take reservations, the restaurant established a style of interacting with customers more closely, and this is how the current concept began.
By carefully listening to each customer’s requests, researching ways to achieve them, and studying new techniques, he was able to create a menu just for that customer. As a result of these efforts, the menu that they can offer has expanded.
Under these circumstances, ”I want to make our valued customers healthy,” and as a result of studying a variety of things that go beyond the boundaries of beauty, we arrived at a menu that uses weak electrical charges and highly concentrated hydrogen.

Being healthy means activating cells. When cells are activated, immunity is strengthened, making it difficult to get sick and preventing aging.
To do this, it is necessary to increase the amount of electricity in the body and turn on the network between cells. A weak electric charge can do this. Through a menu that combines the weak electrical charge, highly concentrated hydrogen that has the effect of removing active oxygen that causes aging and disease, and treatment techniques cultivated through many years of experience, customers become energized, change their consciousness, and look forward to the future. 

For this reason, the main menu items at a typical beauty salon, such as cuts, colors, and perms, are viewed as optional. Many customers also use other shops for haircuts.
The store is also particular about its environment, and the walls and ceiling are coated with a functional paint called “Help Protect,” which is made from charcoal. This not only cools the stagnant air, but also creates a negative ion environment by adding negative electricity, creating a space that is soothing just by being there. In order to deal with each customer individually in such an environment, the number of customers visiting the store is limited to 3-4 per day, and each customer spends at least 2 hours, and in some cases 4-5 hours, serving each customer.

The menu is said to change each time depending on the customer’s situation. Although none of the menu items are cheap, many people visit the restaurant once every two weeks to once a month. This is proof that they trust Mr. Mitsuoka and feel that the service provided is worth more than the price.

”It’s important for customers to realize this and want to be like this.People who are tired or feel unhappy can become energized and change their lives.The more you desire, the more possibilities will expand. I would like to continue studying and researching in order to make this a reality,” says Mitsuoka.