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Series “New Business Creation: Solutions from NTT East Group Companies” ⑯  NTT DX Partner

オーダーメイドマットレス診断システムの利用イメージ(Image of how to use the custom-made mattress diagnosis system)

NTT DX Partner is a company that provides comprehensive support from DX consulting to DX implementation and promotion, system operation, and business transformation through analysis of customer operations and customer data.
By focusing in particular on local businesses and local governments and supporting DX, they are promoting regional revitalization, solving social issues, and creating new customer value.
Tsuyoshi Yamada, who works as a data scientist at NTT DX Parter said, ”In order to promote business transformation, data utilization will be an important pillar.We are focusing on leveraging the experience and data of local companies and our company’s knowledge.” The aim is to promote the use of data and create new value while combining the two”.
Although the momentum for DX among local governments and companies has been on the rise in recent years, issues such as ”there are no human resources who understand DX” and ”no one to consult about DX” have emerged.
NTT DX Partner’s role is to resolve these issues and get regional DX on track.

Commenting on the current response, Mr. Yamada said, ”There are various levels of regional companies, but overall I have the impression that they are only halfway through.Digitalization has progressed compared to a few years ago, but there are still faxes and Some companies take orders and place orders over the phone.Without digital data, digital utilization and DX are difficult, so how can we digitize our operations and convert analog data into digital data?Support in this area is also available. I need to go”.
On the other hand, companies that have digitalized their operations and are accumulating data are increasing in inquiries about how they would like to create new businesses by using the data they have accumulated.

One example of this is the efforts of Dream Bed (Hiroshima City), which manufactures and sells beds, living room sofas, and interior goods.
NTT DX Partners is promoting a sleep tech business that utilizes data, and has a wealth of knowledge regarding sleep. It was against this background that Dream Bed requested cooperation.
”Specifically, we supported the development of a custom-made mattress diagnosis system using data.Mattresses have a big impact on the quality of sleep, so using a mattress that fits you can create a comfortable sleeping environment. Until now, Dream Bed’s experienced staff had listened to customers and suggested the most suitable mattress, but in addition to that, they are now proposing more accurate mattresses based on data ” (Mr. Yamada).
The custom-made mattress diagnosis system collects data such as the height, weight, age, and gender of customers who visit the store. In addition, sensors installed in the store measure body shape data, calculate the optimal mattress firmness, spring placement, and urethane and other fillers to suggest the mattress that best suits the customer.
You can experience the sleeping comfort derived from the diagnosis results on the spot. We make small adjustments based on requests and feedback and decide on the final specifications of the mattress. Data collected through interviews and sensor measurements, as well as documents summarizing the proposed mattress, will also be submitted.
”Using data allows us to make evidence-based decisions.The strength of using data is that it allows us to find solutions that are suited to each issue,” says Yamada.

As a group company of NTT East, NTT DX Partner is also focusing on regional revitalization. The company aims to realize a recycling-oriented society that respects the unique characteristics and culture of each region, and is focusing on data utilization to achieve this goal.
“If local businesses like Dream Bed become revitalized, the region will be revitalized as a result.Eventually, we will contribute to regional revitalization by making use of data held by various stakeholders, including local governments”, Yamada said.