The Liberal Democratic Party was shaken by the slush funds issue, leading to moves to disband its faction. This is a huge uproar that has rarely been seen in recent years. More than 10 years have passed since 2012, when the Liberal Democratic Party returned to power. It is clear that the longer you stay in a position of power, the more likely you are to become corrupt. Particularly in the past few years, there has been a noticeable outburst that has left the people behind. One of them is the push for minor insurance cards. It is said that the health insurance card will be abolished this fall and integrated with the My Number card, but a series of incorrect registrations of insurance card information and public funds receiving accounts have caused concerns among the public, and it is difficult to say that people understand the situation. . Still, the government remains unchanged and is sticking with the Maina insurance card this fall.

I see the arrogance of a long-term government in this behavior. Systems like the My Number Card are essential to promoting DX in Japanese society, and the benefits outweigh them in the long run. There is nothing wrong with the move to integrate insurance cards, driver’s licenses, etc. That is why it is important to gain the understanding of the public and spread the word firmly, even if it takes some time. The idea that it’s okay to push something because it’s a good thing or the right thing to do is contrary to democracy and can only serve as a provocation to the people.
There is a Japanese word called ”瞋恚Shin-i”. It means to hate and be angry, but I interpret it as a superlative emotion that goes beyond anger and resentment. It is quiet with a pale flame, but it is the anger of disappearing. When Japanese people are truly angry, it is with hatred, and they are surprisingly silent and cold-hearted in their pursuit of revenge.

Of course, there are people who are angry about the slush funds issue, but what we really need to know is the people’s anger at the arrogance of politicians. The public’s hatred of politicians who continue to engage in crude politics led to the revelation of the slush funds issue.
It seems that recent politicians do not properly understand the true nature of the Japanese people. It seems that he has been poisoned by the charms of SNS and has misguided himself.
Politicians should develop the insight to understand the people before spending money and favoring factions. (Kei Kitajima)