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AI supports everything from interview to medical record creation Precision’s “Today’s Medical Questionnaire”

「今日の問診票」。左が医師・看護師用、右が患者用("Today's medical questionnaire". The left one is for doctors and nurses, the right one is for patients)

Precision is developing an AI questionnaire called ”Today’s Medical Questionnaire” which supports everything from medical interviews to creating medical records. It is a medical care support system that combines digital medical questionnaires and the medical information database ”CDS (Current Decision Support)”.
Since AI conducts detailed interviews according to the patient’s symptoms, it becomes possible to reproduce the treatment process of famous doctors.
CDS is created and updated with the cooperation of 2,000 prominent doctors. By using it as a medical treatment manual, it is possible to reduce the time required to create initial medical records by one-third.
When a patient selects their symptoms displayed on a patient-specific device, the results of the interview are displayed on a device used by a doctor or nurse. Then, based on the results of the interview, candidates are presented as to which symptoms are likely to apply.
AI is implemented in the automatic search part.
OCR of medication notebooks is also possible. Deep learning is used in the OCR part.
These features reduce the burden on doctors. Additionally, in the past, nurses had to look at medical questionnaires and enter the information into electronic medical records, but by using the ”Today’s Medical Questionnaire”, they can input information into electronic medical records by copying and pasting, leading to labor savings. Variations in the level of interviews conducted by nurses are also eliminated, and they are leveled out at a high level.
It also reduces the burden on patients. Particularly, the input work for patients who require a large amount of medicine is reduced.
”Today’s Medical Questionnaire” can also be operated on-premises, so even if it is difficult to connect to the Internet, it can be operated using only the hospital’s network.
The company promotes ”Today’s Medical Questionnaire” as a solution that contributes to hospital work style reform.