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Pharmacy support cloud compatible with electronic prescriptions Good Cycle System


Good Cycle System is promoting pharmacy DX based on the smart drug history “GooCo.” GooCo is an all-in-one pharmacy support cloud that supports electronic prescriptions, and provides total support for drug treatment, including labor-saving medication history work and improving the sophistication of pharmacists’ work.
It is an electronic drug history that can be viewed anytime and anywhere, just like paper, by simply interviewing the patient and making a pharmaceutical diagnosis when receiving a prescription. It is also possible to add functions such as checking for unentered drug history in all stores (same day, next day, not recorded) / number and rate of medication guidance by area / store / pharmacist / outpatient / home / SOAP character count / Op (next plan).
Can be centrally managed in the cloud. By using an iPad, it is relatively easy to set up an environment for each person, and it is also possible to visualize the workplace through drug history management.
For example, as a chain pharmacy, patients can be centrally managed, which helps prevent duplicate medication. Since it is cloud-based, data is not stored at each store, reducing the risk of patient data being lost due to a disaster.
It also comes with a “guide function” that supports proper medication guidance, and displays items that should be included in the drug calendar. Clicking each button opens the necessary instruction input screen. You can also check whether there have been any changes to the prescription or the previous version, supporting complete input.
Even when multiple medicines are prescribed, side effects that should be checked can be sorted by mechanism according to the period of administration, and guidance can be given while checking the symptoms, assessing them, and side effects to check next time, etc., while touching the screen. can.
Even for OTC drugs sold over the counter, prescription audits can be conducted based on drug history information.
It is also possible to manage patients who do not have a prescription. Just by touching the screen, you can complete your OTC drug guidance history and use it for future prescription audits.