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Prenatal checkup connecting Rebun Island and Wakkanai Borderless Vision’s “KizunaWeb”


Borderless Vision is promoting ”KizunaWeb,” a telemedicine communication tool that utilizes real-time video.
The company has set its sights on “online medical treatment,” “remote health medical support,” and “inter-physician conferences.” For example, in telehealth medical support, doctors provide medical treatment and health guidance to patients in remote locations. A visiting nurse can share information appropriately, such as reporting a patient’s situation to a doctor and asking for instructions, and support the patient while checking actual images.
Physician-to-physician conferences allow doctors in remote locations to communicate while viewing patient medical information and test images when seeking advice from a specialist, creating an interaction that is similar to face-to-face interaction.

It is said that this will lead to more appropriate treatment policies and eliminate regional disparities in medical knowledge.
It is already being introduced in various regions. For example, ”KizunaWeb” connects hospitals in Hokkaido’s Rebun Island and Wakkanai City to provide prenatal checkups. There is no obstetrician and gynecologist on Rebun Island, and until now, islanders had to travel by boat for about two hours each way to go to a hospital in Wakkanai City.
In addition, they offer angiography tests and catheter tests that use multiple live images displayed on the same screen, live support that simultaneously transmits endoscopic images and biological information monitors, and performs surgeries using two-way communication. It is used for anesthesia support.

It is said to be used to simultaneously transmit images from multiple cameras at medical sites, and to instruct beginners on how to use equipment.
Security is also taken into account since it handles medical information. All communications are encrypted, and personal information can be hidden using the data masking function. There is no direct line connection with the server or storage on the medical device side, and there is no mutual exchange of data, so the original information of the connected medical device is not affected in any way.