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Online event for nursing care facilities NTT East Kanagawa and Yoshimoto

オンラインイベントの模様(Online event delivery)

NTT East Kanagawa, Yoshimoto Kogyo, BCC, the National Federation of Nursing Care Providers, and Every Plus have jointly organized a nationwide program to commemorate “46 Nursing Care Recreations by Yoshimoto Comedians” published by Ask Publishing. Special free online event was held on December 4th for nursing care and welfare facilities.

Starting in 2021, the five companies develop online recreation services to solve social issues in the nursing care industry, with the aim of reducing the burden on nursing care facilities and improving the quality of life of care recipients by delivering laughter. Comedians affiliated with “Yoshimoto Comedy Caregiver!” who are qualified as recreational caregivers have been the mainstay, providing recreation at nursing care sites. Regular care-related content is provided by Every Plus every day from 2:00 p.m. for a fee.
Now, they have published “Yoshimoto comedians’ 46 nursing care recs that will be popular in the field!” as a book that teaches tips on fun nursing care recs and ways to solve problems unique to nursing care settings.

全国の介護施設450ほどが参加(Approximately 450 nursing care facilities participate)

Special free online event was distributed from NTT East’s showroom “Hikari HOUSE YOKOHAMA”. Approximately 450 nursing care facilities nationwide participated in the event. Participating facilities said, “Usually we do recreation once a week, but it’s difficult for nursing staff to come up with the content for each recreation, so it’s helpful to have events like this.”We also use books as a reference. I want to do it,” one voice said.
The comedy duo Regular from Yoshimoto commented, “Our recreational content is designed to be easy for everyone to do.Please read the book and imitate it while having fun”.