On November 28, IEEE released a report titled ”New Opportunities and Risks Brought by Generative AI: Towards the Creation of an AI Society that Makes People Happy”.

Although generative AI is rapidly developing, many experts are currently concerned about generative AI and are calling for regulation.

Science and technology. It is a double-edged sword, with both advantages and disadvantages, but the report states that there is no need to worry about the unemployment problem, which is feared as the biggest risk of AI, because new jobs will be created, similar to the industrial revolution. However, rather than technical skills such as programming,

I think the key point will be to acquire skills unique to humans that cannot be replaced by AI.
That’s what I thought after reading this report. Is science and technology an enemy or an ally to humanity?

For example, in the past, the media was seen as an ally of the people. However, as the media has developed and become more intimidating as a fourth power, entertaining wide-show reports, extreme media scrums, and scandal-oriented behavior like paparazzi, it has become an entity that only serves to irresponsibly incite people. , people’s hearts drifted away.

So is the law. Even though the system was originally created to protect people, as society develops, the stalemate nature of the law has come to constrain people, and it is no longer clear whether it is truly on the people’s side.

I wonder if science and technology will follow the same path. Until now, it was believed that the development of science and technology would bring happiness to people, and these developments brought great joy to people. However, if the presence of science and technology continues to grow at this rate, it may become a nuisance that unnecessarily oppresses people.

Is science and technology an enemy or an ally? Trends in AI will be a major test. Although we cannot stop the development of science and technology, we hope that it will remain on people’s side forever. (Kei Kitajima)