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Promoting specialty products in collaboration with Koriyama City NTT East Group

NTT東日本の社員食堂で提供された「鯉の弁当」("Carp bento" served at NTT East's employee cafeteria)

NTT East Group (NTT East Japan, NTT AgriTechnology, and Telwell East) collaborated with Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture to create”Koi ni Koi suru Bento” that uses local specialty carp. It was served at NTT East’s head office cafeteria, Fukushima branch, and other locations.

Carp is a traditional food in Koriyama City, but in recent years, consumption has declined and carp farming has declined due to the aging of farmers.
Against this background, Koriyama City and NTT East conducted joint demonstrations of environmental data visualization using IoT in carp farming operations from 2019 to 2022 with the aim of revitalizing carp farming. They have worked to convert aquaculture techniques and experience into knowledge and manuals as objective facts, and to pass on efficient aquaculture techniques.
As a result, aquaculture has become stable. The next step is to promote consumption expansion. As part of this effort, the company is implementing a sales channel expansion model that uses things like employee cafeterias. The menu, which uses carp as an ingredient, is designed to be delicious for both children and adults.

品川市長(Mayor Shinagawa)

Koriyama City Mayor Manri Shinagawa visited NTT East’s headquarters on November 30th and observed the sales of bento boxes.
Mayor Shinagawa promoted carp as a food ingredient, saying, ”Carp is eaten all over the world, including in Hungary, India, and Thailand.It is also used as an ingredient in school lunches”.
 NTT East Group is considering ways to expand sales channels for carp, such as having NTT East serve as a sales agent and selling bento boxes, and working with Koriyama City to develop new menu items using carp as an ingredient.
Masahiro Nakadogawa of NTT AgriTechnology said, ”In order to increase the production and consumption of local specialties, not just carp, it is important for local governments, restaurants, and tourism businesses to work together as a community”.