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Appearance power that leads men to success Yuka Kanbayashi (Director of Men’s Clara Clinic)

Throughout the ages, men have fought for success. Acquiring the skills necessary to win is extremely important in order to survive in this world. Its abilities change little by little over time. There were times when primitive physical strength was most important, and times when the ability to navigate within a fixed class system was important. I would like to think about the skills that are important for modern men to succeed.

Japan is a rich country. Although there are problems such as sluggish economic growth and the recent depreciation of the yen, the country has all kinds of infrastructure, relatively good social security, a high level of education and culture, and good security.

Although the definition of success generally refers to capitalist success, this is not necessarily the case in our affluent society. At the same time that we are entering an era in which each individual determines their own definition of success, the means of achieving capitalist success are also diversifying. There was once a golden route to success: a good school, a good company, and a stable, high salary, but that is now a thing of the past. So, what exactly are the skills needed to succeed in today’s society?

The present age is the age of ”individual”. There is no longer an easy-to-understand golden route that guarantees a certain level of success, but instead, the foundations are being laid for people to succeed anywhere by maintaining their own value high. In the past, the mainstream method for evaluating abilities was to use things that were easy to express numerically, such as test scores, but now more emphasis is placed on things that are difficult to measure numerically, such as non-cognitive abilities such as communication skills. ing. Appearance is also one of the important abilities.

What is important when thinking about physical appearance in order to succeed socially is that it is not always necessary to have a perfect figure, such as the so-called beautiful men and women.
As stated in Mehrabian’s law (a psychological law that states that about 60% of the impression people make in communication is visual information), appearance plays an important role in communication. Many of our impressions, such as strength, youthfulness, intelligence, dependability, vitality, and trustworthiness, are created by visual information. In business, it is extremely important to create an appearance that matches the image you want to project.

The most important thing in improving your appearance is to clarify what skills are required in your business. The image of the person that each person is looking for is slightly different, such as the image of a president who is admired by young employees, the image of a boss who is well-received in a workplace with many women, and the image of a business person who makes others feel that they are highly capable at working.
In general, these include a youthful appearance that gives a sense of vitality, a cleanliness that gives a good impression, and masculine strength and dependability. It can be said that improving one’s own value by improving one’s appearance, not only through clothes and grooming, but also one’s body shape and face, will strongly support one’s success in business.