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Yukihira Construction reduces operational burden by half with DX NTT East Kawasaki

AI-OCRとRPAによる給与支給処理(Payroll processing with AI-OCR and RPA)

NTT East Kawasaki  will provide DX tools that combine AI-OCR and RPA to Yukihira Construction, a Kawasaki-based company specializing in formwork construction, to streamline office work such as attendance management and payroll processing.

Previously, Yukihira Construction’s attendance management and payroll processing were done manually. It is said that about one week out of every month was taken up by a series of tasks such as tabulation, input, and calculations. The introduction of DX tools dramatically reduced manual work and visual confirmation, reducing business operations by approximately 50%.
Work that used to take a week is now completed in two to three days. In the past, the work was divided among three people, but now it is done by two people.

雪平専務㊨と事務を担当する雪平氏(Managing Director Yukihira(right) and Mrs. Yukihira who is in charge of administration)

Yuko Yukihira, who is in charge of the administration, said, ”At first I was wondering what would happen, but once I installed it, it was easy to use and I was able to use it right away”.
Managing Director Yoshinobu Yukihira said, ”If we use a smartphone, we can do it fully automatically, but there are some craftsmen who don’t use smartphones, so we created a system based on traditional attendance records. We hope to be able to automate this process”.
The installation cost for this system is approximately 800,000 yen.
”It’s reasonable considering that it will pay for itself in a few months by improving operational efficiency”, says Managing Director Yukihira.

One of their future plans is to automate on-site management. The company uses Excel to manage payments from general contractors, payments to subcontractors, and material costs. Currently, as data is received from each site and company, it is manually entered into Excel.
Since this work is time-consuming, they would like to cover it with RPA.
Yuta Nishizawa of NTT East Kawasaki said, ”There are multiple sites, and the construction starts in different months for each site.This poses a hurdle to using RPA, but our company has confirmed that the work is progressing smoothly”.
Managing Director Yukihira says, ”If this becomes a reality, there will be almost no input from site management, which will further reduce the operational burden.In the future, administrative work will be increasingly replaced by DX. However,DX at the site may be quite difficult”.