Unmanned bookstore in Shinjuku/Akebonobashi Tohan and Nebraska|電経新聞

Unmanned bookstore in Shinjuku/Akebonobashi Tohan and Nebraska

Tohan and Nebraska are collaborating to expand the number of stores that have installed ”MUJIN Bookstore”, an unmanned sales solution developed by Nebraska, and to develop new business formats.
”Media Line Akebonobashi Store” (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) has been renovated and opened on November 21st as the second ”MUJIN Bookstore” demonstration experiment store.
To use it, first add the LINE official account as a friend. Can be added in 5 seconds. Enter the store next.
To enter the store during unmanned business hours, scan the QR code next to the door and the automatic door will open. Then buy the book. Completely self-service and cashless, you can check your accounting, purchase history, etc. on LINE.
MUJIN Bookstore conducted a demonstration experiment at its first store, Yamashita Shoten Setagaya Store (Setagaya Ward, Tokyo).