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Newly established Shinsaibashi POP OPTAGE

OPTAGE will establish a new connectivity area “Shinsaibashi POP (Point Of Presence)” within the existing Shinsaibashi Data Center in Osaka City from Friday, March 29, 2024, and will operate the Sonezaki Data Center, which is scheduled to begin operation in January 2026. Provide services equivalent to the center.
A campaign will also be held to discount monthly charges for housing services and other services for new users of Shinsaibashi POP.

In recent years, the amount of data handled by companies and local governments has been increasing dramatically year by year, and there is a need for low latency and excellent connectivity through the use of “hybrid clouds” that combine public clouds and data centers. In order to meet these needs, the company is promoting the development of the Sonezaki Data Center. It has been decided to establish a connectivity area, Shinsaibashi POP, within the currently operating Shinsaibashi data center, prior to the Sonezaki data center.