Automatically detects pests and sprays water  Tmsuk|電経新聞

Automatically detects pests and sprays water  Tmsuk

Tmsuk has installed and put into operation a pest control robot called Raicho  3 on farmland in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture.
In order to prevent pests such as wild boars, which are a major problem in rice cultivation and other agriculture, this robot detects pests that have invaded farmland at night and sprays high-pressure water on the target. It is hoped that the water spray will drive pests away from farmland.
At night after sunset, sensors automatically detect pests such as wild boars invading farmland, and pump water from canals around the farmland to high pressure before spraying it onto the target. Since it automatically detects objects and sprays water toward them, there is no need to take manual measures.
According to the company, Raicho 3 could be used not only to prevent damage to crops, but also to drive away animals such as bears.
In the farmland where the company cultivated rice this year, the rice was growing smoothly until just before harvest, but several weeks before harvest, an incident occurred where some of the rice ears were eaten by wild boars. For this reason, they hastily developed Raicho 3 as a pest control measure.