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Why is Johnny’s loved? Saeko Adachi (Small and Medium Enterprise Consultant)

Johnny’s office, whose name itself was a genre in Japanese entertainment, changed its name and ended its 61-year history. The circumstances behind this are extremely unreasonable, but I won’t have enough characters to describe them, so I’ll omit them here. Here, I would like to explain from a fan’s perspective why the old Johnny’s are loved throughout Japan.
The total number of members of the former Johnny’s fan club is approximately 13 million. Although this may not be the actual number as there are people who have already left the membership and people who have joined fan clubs of multiple groups, it becomes about the same size if you include the light demographic who have a favorable impression of the talent after watching it on TV or streaming. It will be.

Many people misunderstand, but the popularity of the former Johnny’s group is not due to the fact that many women fall in love with good-looking celebrities. Of course, such aspects do exist. However, as human psychology dictates, such temporary enthusiasm tends to cool down within a few years, and there is no way that veteran performers who have been around for 15 or 20 years since their debut will be able to retain fans on that basis alone. In fact, many people who became fans during their junior high and high school days and have supported a group or talent for over 20 years continue to be fans even after going on to higher education, getting a job, getting married, having children, etc.

The reason why they are supported by so many people is because they are attracted to the way they approach their work with sincerity and continue to work tirelessly without getting carried away by popularity. For example, Junichi Okada, former member of V6, is now famous as a movie actor and has won the Japan Academy Award many times, but when he was younger, he was often looked down upon by the veteran staff who had a craftsman’s personality because he was an idol. However, by honing his acting skills, he was able to overcome such criticism and gain trust in the industry. The same goes for Takuya Kimura and Kazuya Ninomiya of Arashi. The true value of former Johnny’s talent is that they are encouraged by this kind of attitude and make you want to do your best.

Another important point is that they prioritize “making the fans happy” as their top priority. Nowadays, in what is being called the CD recession, I hear that it is common for idols from other agencies to hide the contents of the enclosed bonus from outsiders and make them buy multiple CDs until they win the one of the talent they are looking for. However, in the case of the old Johnny’s, it is clearly stated which talent’s items are included, so there is no need to buy multiple tickets unnecessarily. Concert tickets have also increased in price due to high prices, but they are still very reasonable, with prices below 10,000 yen. Rather than using fans as a tool to make money, they treat them as ” customers” and treat them with more than just compensation.

Fans understand that all of these attitudes are ” isms” backed by founder Johnny Kitagawa’s belief in entertainment and deep love for entertainers.
Although there is still strong opposition, Johnny denied in court that he was sexually impotent due to rectal cancer in the 1970s, that he was extremely small at 153 cm, and that he was the perpetrator and that he was homosexual. I want to record what happened as a fact.