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Promoting automatic cleaning robots Gritarts

利用イメージ(Use scene)

Gritarts has begun providing maintenance services nationwide as a certified maintenance partner for the “automatic cleaning robot” that can be used indoors and outdoors, produced by IDRIVERPLUS, a global company developing unmanned driving. did.

The unmanned cleaning robot ”VIGGO” developed and produced by IDRIVERPLUS, which has level 4 autonomous driving technology, is capable of autonomous driving both indoors and outdoors with an excellent navigation system and sensors such as ultrasonic radar.

Multi-laser + single-line laser + RGBD + ultrasonic wave + The collision prevention sensor is equipped with a multimodal obstacle avoidance algorithm to improve the accuracy and speed of obstacle recognition in the scene and the recognition power when the scrubber is operating.

The cleaning industry is facing a serious labor shortage, and the introduction of unmanned cleaning robots has been widely proposed to solve this problem.