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Established APN optical wavelength path design NTT and NEC

分散されたデータセンタ間で大容量低遅延通信を行うDCXサービス(DCX service that provides high-capacity, low-latency communication between distributed data centers)

NTT and NEC have established an optical wavelength path design technology using APN, whose architecture is being established at the IOWNG Global Forum, to realize high-capacity, low-latency connections between data centers that meet communication demands. A field demonstration was conducted using the NSF (National Science Foundation) COSMOS testbed in collaboration with Universities, Duke University, and University of Dublin.
As a result of this achievement, it has become possible to automate the design and setting of optical wavelength paths in a few minutes, which previously required skilled workers two to three hours. This result is based on the data center exchange (DCX) service proposed by NTT, NEC, and others in IOWN, which connects the necessary ground-to-ground connections using optical wavelength paths on demand and performs high-capacity, low-latency communication between distributed data centers. will greatly contribute to the realization of
With the spread of services that utilize AI, demand for data centers is rapidly increasing. In the field of optical transmission, DWDM transceivers are rapidly becoming larger in capacity, smaller in size, and more energy efficient due to technological innovations such as digital coherent technology and silicon photonics technology. These trends are expected to further accelerate due to opto-electronic convergence technology in which coherent AADSP and silicon photonics are implemented in a single package, and automatic design and configuration technology for setting up a huge number of optical wavelength paths using DWDM transceivers is expected to accelerate. It has been demanded.
Against this background, NTT has been collaborating with NEC to conduct technical verification aimed at realizing a data center exchange (DCX) service that directly connects numerous data centers distributed in urban areas using optical fiber.