Snoring – actually a scary disease that can be life-threatening Mitsufumi Okamoto (Director of Internal Medicine Okamoto Clinic)|電経新聞

Snoring – actually a scary disease that can be life-threatening Mitsufumi Okamoto (Director of Internal Medicine Okamoto Clinic)

Sleep. It is an extremely important activity that occupies one-fourth to one-third of one’s life. Shohei Otani, who is currently playing an active role in the major leagues, even considers getting enough sleep as part of his training. Have you ever had the experience of being woken up by your own snoring while sleeping, being told that your snoring is too loud, feeling sleepy during the day, not feeling refreshed when you wake up in the morning, or having a headache?

If you have such symptoms, you may have sleep apnea syndrome. Recently, “The! World Shocking News” featured a story about a mole on the air staircase who had this disease, and ”Wednesday’s Downtown” also examined the theory that you can identify your partner by the sound of their snoring. , I feel that awareness of snoring is increasing.
The pharynx (throat) becomes narrow, and when you breathe in, air passes through the narrowed area, causing the throat to vibrate. This is the cause of snoring. Especially when you sleep, the muscles that support the pharynx relax, making the pharynx narrower. Snoring is also more likely to occur due to alcohol consumption, obesity, and sleeping pills.

Snoring is not only noisy and a nuisance to those around you, but if left untreated, it increases the risk of diabetes by 1.5 times, high blood pressure by 2 times, cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction by 3 times, and cerebrovascular diseases such as cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage. Data has also been released that people are four times more likely to get sick and five times more likely to fall asleep while driving.

The snoring test is a two-night test that involves sleeping with a simple device attached to your finger and nose. In our hospital’s case, a partner company will bring the testing equipment to your home and explain it to you. The devices are collected after the test is completed, so patients can receive the test smoothly without the burden of commuting to the hospital.
If the test shows that a person stops breathing for 10 seconds or more five or more times in an hour, they are diagnosed with sleep apnea syndrome. Once diagnosed, treatment with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure therapy) may be necessary. People sleep with devices like oxygen masks attached to their noses and mouths, but these days they are getting smaller and smaller, and there are even devices that can be carried around on trips or business trips without being bulky.

Furthermore, thanks to advancements in IT technology, our hospital’s daily sleep and CPAP usage status is constantly updated and can be checked on the in-hospital computer at any time, so if something happens before your next appointment, you can quickly check it. Can correspond to
CPAP improves the quality of sleep, so even patients who were initially skeptical and hesitant about CPAP are happy that once they use it, they sleep deeply, feel refreshed when they wake up, and are able to carry out work and activities during the day. 

It may seem like a hassle to visit a medical institution because of snoring, but as mentioned above, snoring is a scary disease that not only threatens your own life, but also the possibility of injuring others if you fall asleep at the wheel. is. Why not take a look at your snoring problem before it causes an accident or develops a serious illness? On the other hand, early detection and treatment may improve your life by allowing you to be more active during the day.