The topic of Johnny’s going out of business has grabbed the attention of people all over Japan. It has been widely covered in the general press, and we are only now realizing the magnitude of Johnny’s influence. There is a strong view that he has delayed his efforts to make a fresh start, but given that Johnny Kitagawa, the man responsible for the sexual assault issue, has passed away, it may have been unavoidable. I think they took the time to check the facts.
Rather, the question that should be asked is why these issues were not brought to the fore during Mr. Johnny’s lifetime.
There have been similar cases in the past. For example, the case of Eiji Moriyama, a former assistant official in Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture, who had provided large amounts of money and goods to Kansai Electric Power executives, surfaced after his death.
In Japan, even if there is a problem, there are many cases in which it is not brought to the fore until after the person concerned has passed away. This is especially true when the parties involved have power.
In recent years, the word ” Sontaku” has been frequently used. It means to judge the feelings of others, and it is said that Japanese people tend to place a high value on consideration. Condescension itself is not a bad habit, and if used properly, it can be a good lubricant for communication. However, if taken too far, it can distort human relationships.
In both Mr. Johnny’s case and Mr. Moriyama’s case, it is thought that the problems became muddy because those around him were too condescending.
At a press conference, president Noriyuki Higashiyama declared, ” We will throw away everything that has the Johnny’s name on it.” Former president Julie Keiko Fujishima also released a message saying, ” I want to eliminate all traces of Johnny Kitagawa from this world.”
In short, they hated what Mr. Johnny had done, but perhaps because of thier condescension, they was unable to defend themselves against Mr. Johnny when he was still alive.
Similar organizational issues will continue to be brought to light, not just at Johnny’s. Is there no other way but to deal with each issue one by one? (Kei Kitajima)