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Educational training with digital twin DataMesh

ETC設備をデジタルツイン技術で3Dとして再現し、MR技術で現実空間に重畳させ、自動車がETCに進入するイメージ(An image of a car entering ETC by reproducing ETC equipment in 3D using digital twin technology and superimposing it on real space using MR technology.)

DataMesh supported NEXCO East Japan Engineering’s technical training center based in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture to develop an educational training tool that utilizes digital twin technology and MR technology, with the aim of solving problems in training engineers.
This is the first educational training in Japan that uses digital twin technology to recreate ETC equipment and tunnel emergency equipment as 3D data, and superimposes 3D data on real space using MR technology.
The NEXCO East Group maintains and manages infrastructure such as expressways 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with an operating length of approximately 4,000 kilometers and approximately 500 interchanges, which are used by approximately 2.7 million vehicles every day.
The training center uses Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and tablet devices to improve and maintain the maintenance skills of mid-level employees, who are responsible for inspecting the ever-increasing number of road assets due to road openings, and maintaining them as they age, and to educate and improve the skills of new employees. We are working.
Previously, this was conducted through oral explanations using invisible materials such as “text” and “slides.” Even if trainees try to imagine and understand the situation, there is actually a difference in their level of understanding, and this issue is particularly evident among younger trainees when it comes to training on “ETC equipment” and “tunnel emergency equipment” that cannot be visualized. It was in a situation where it was becoming more and more.
In order to solve these issues, we decided to introduce technologies such as digital twins.