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Edogawa Ward is Metaverse Ward Office NTT Smart Connect

仮想空間ルーム(virtual space room)

NTT Smart Connect, in collaboration with NTT East Tokyo East Branch, used the web version virtual space platform “DOOR” to construct the “Edogawa Ward Metaverse Ward Office,” which Edogawa Ward is starting as a DX for consultation services.

They will create a space within the virtual space that imitates the actual Edogawa Ward Office (exterior, 1st floor general counter, individual consultation space), and create a virtual space where residents can consult and make inquiries from their homes or remote locations without having to visit the office directly. construction. Utilizing this system, they will conduct demonstration experiments with a limited range of users, including ward office staff and welfare workers, to verify the potential of administrative services in virtual space.
In the virtual space, users can move around the government building as avatars and communicate with staff using voice and chat.

Through this initiative, they aim to provide services that target as many people as possible, such as supporting the elderly, people with physical disabilities, and hikikomori people, as well as considering its use in a wide range of fields such as education, child-rearing, and health.
Edogawa Ward formulated the “Edogawa Ward DX Promotion Guidelines” in April, and is aiming to use the move to the new building as an opportunity to create  “ward office that does not require visitors to come to the office.” As part of this effort, we are working on moving administrative procedures and consultation services online.

NTT Smart Connect has received requests for the realization of ” ward offices that do not require visitors to the office” using the Metaverse, and in collaboration with NTT East, has been proposing the use of virtual space and building an environment for demonstration experiments before full-scale implementation. .