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Measuring sleep effects in collaboration with TENTIAL NTT East

リカバリーウェアなどを使用することで睡眠偏差値がアップ(Sleep by using recovery wear Deviation value increased)

TENTIAL will hold a press event ”Potential Conference ’23F/W” to introduce the latest initiatives and new products of the wellness brand ”TENTIAL”. They showcased  ”BAKUNE” series of recovery wear that promotes sleep.
BAKUNE uses special fibers and is effective in recovering from fatigue and promoting blood circulation.
Yutaro Nakanishi, president of TENTIAL, says, ”We are targeting people in their 40s and 50s who are health-conscious.Although men’s needs were originally high, recently women’s needs are increasing as well”.
At this event, we also announced the results of a simple effect measurement of Tenshal products using Sleep Deviation for Biz and BrainSleep Coin on 30 NTT East Group employees. This measurement was carried out jointly by NTT East Group and Tenshall.
According to the study, the standard sleep standard was 46.5, but by using recovery wear and bath salts, the standard sleep standard increased to 52.5.
Takahiro Umeda, NTT DX partner, said, ”This is an initiative born out of the community ”ZAKONE” to boost the sleep industry.Since Tenshall’s products have a positive impact in terms of welfare, we hope that the NTT East Group can work together well”.
Regarding ZAKONE’s efforts, President Nakanishi said, ”Our company’s theme is to produce solid evidence, and we place emphasis on objective data. By joining ZOKONE, it will be easier to obtain reliable data”.
NTT East and NTT DX partners are promoting the use of SleepTech to further diversify sleep-related products and visualize the sleep-improving effects of each product.