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Promoting the spread of EV trucks NEC

EVトラック(EV truck)

Three companies, NEC, ENEOS, and Nippon Express, have begun a demonstration experiment in route charging in Fukuoka Prefecture to help spread the use of EV trucks. Among EVs, EV trucks, which are said to be able to greatly contribute to reducing carbon dioxide emissions during transportation, are facing challenges in popularizing EV trucks, as there are limited locations for charging stations that can be used to charge the vehicles over long distances. The three companies will conduct demonstration experiments to confirm the effectiveness of route charging and establish operational methods in order to expand the use of EV trucks. Based on this demonstration experiment, NEC aims to improve the value of EV operation support applications based on simulation logic developed using actual operation data of Nippon Express’ EV trucks. ENEOS plans to expand its route charging network to meet the charging needs of EV truck users. By utilizing EV truck operation data, Nippon Express will proactively promote the introduction of environmentally friendly vehicles such as EV trucks and propose logistics with less environmental impact throughout the entire supply chain of users.