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Opened “ZAKONE LAB”, a community for individuals NTT East and NTT DX Partner

「ZAKONE」開設1周年の成果報告(Achievement report of the 1st anniversary of "ZAKONE")

NTT East and NTT DX Partners have created a practical community for improving sleep for individuals based on the concept of “improving sleep together. ZAKONE LAB” was opened.
Since last year, NTT East and Brain Sleep have been operating an inter-enterprise community “ZAKONE” for companies in different industries and fields to solve sleep problems and expand the sleep market. Currently, 70 companies are participating in ZAKONE. The number of participating companies is increasing at a pace of six companies per month.

On the other hand, sleep problems require improvement measures according to the situation of each individual.
“ZAKONE LAB” is a sleep improvement practice community for individuals, proposing and practicing a wide variety of products and improvement methods according to individual sleep problems and preferences, and finding sleep routines and solutions that suit each person. was launched with the aim of The goal is to reach 1 million members by 2025.

New entrants to the sleep market face challenges such as “even if a new product is developed, there are no sales channels and the product does not reach the customer.” Through “ZAKONE LAB”, we plan to alleviate these problems and revitalize and expand the sleep market by matching people who have trouble sleeping with products that improve sleep.

According to an OECD survey, Japanese people sleep the shortest in the world. Seven hours of sleep is considered optimal for adults, but 70% of Japanese sleep less than seven hours.
In the past, sleep was considered an issue on an individual level, but now there is a growing trend to manage sleep on an organizational basis, such as companies, from the perspective of improving productivity.