There was an interesting sentence in “New Edition Yukio Mishima Revives” (Naoki Komuro, Mainichi Ones). It is a feeling about the so-called Mishima Incident.
“It could be called the tragedy of an elite writer who was able to live free from the taint of society.
In short, Mishima was extremely naive and overconfident in the Self-Defense Forces.
Although he says that he is protecting the country, there are actually some members of the Self-Defense Forces who are working for their salaries. This was the reality, but he did not know this reality. Or he knew the fact and was driven with righteous indignation.

In that sense, it may have been a tragedy for the elite who were unaffected by the contamination of the world.
On the other hand, what about the current elite? More than Mishima, he seems to be living in the filth and radio of the world. For example, a second-generation lawmaker. As the sons of politicians, there are quite a few lawmakers who have taken a route different from that of the rest of the world and have become politicians, so to speak, with innocence. In other words, there is a possibility that he is ignorant of modern Japanese people who skillfully use their official intentions and their true intentions.

Currently, various issues and turmoil are erupting around the world. One of the reasons for this is the “elite deception”. In short, the elite are trying to move the country and society with only their self-righteous ideology and vision without properly understanding the people’s thoughts. This is what happens because you don’t know the people’s public appearances and true intentions. To put it the other way around, the elite must know the dirt of the world more than anyone else.
I think that we have to do a “modern elite theory” somewhere. Putting aside the likes and dislikes of the elite, the power of the elite in the essential sense is absolutely necessary to bring the country and society to the next era. Like Mishima, he is highly capable and energetic, but it is impossible for Bonbon, who is so naive to the world. (Kei Kitajima)