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Immediate detection of unauthorized intrusions Osaka Public University and OKI

リアルタイムネットワーク監視システム(Real-time network monitoring system)

As a result of joint research on communication traffic analysis, Osaka Public University and OKI have developed a technology that immediately detects unauthorized network intrusions such as unauthorized connection of IoT devices and malware infections.
This technology was applied to large-scale network monitoring at the Sugimoto Campus of Osaka Public University, and by learning the characteristics of the traffic of a wide variety of devices, including IoT devices such as network cameras and printers, it was possible to determine the type of connected devices by 97. Confirmed that it can be immediately discriminated with an accuracy of 7%. As a result, the management of IoT devices can be automated, and abnormal communication behavior of devices caused by impersonation or malware infection can be quickly detected as unauthorized intrusions that lead to information leaks.
In addition to this technology, OKI has a “unsteady communication detection function” that detects behavior that deviates from normal communication conditions, and a “vulnerability scanning function” that detects improper settings of devices in the network and easy IDs and passwords. We have developed a “real-time network monitoring system” equipped with a “monitoring GUI” that visualizes device connections and communication traffic within the network and notifies the administrator.
The company is currently operating this system at multiple in-house production plants, and is continuing to improve the system while receiving feedback from on-site network administrators.