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NEC has developed Japanese LLM in Generative AI

NEC has developed Japanese LLM in Generative AI.
LLM is a so-called foundation model, a general-purpose model developed by NEC using multilingual data collected and processed independently. LLM, which has achieved high performance through its own ingenuity and has reduced the number of parameters to 13 billion, not only reduces power consumption, but also enables operation in cloud / on-premise environments due to its light weight and high speed.
In terms of performance, it achieves world-class Japanese proficiency in general Japanese benchmarks that measure Japanese knowledge and reading comprehension.
NEC has already started using this LLM in its internal business. NEC is applying it to improve the efficiency of various tasks such as document creation and source code creation work in in-house system development.
NEC has developed generative AI that can be customized for each industry, and from this month it will sequentially provide “NEC Generative AI Service,” which provides dedicated hardware, software, consulting services, etc. that meet the needs of the Japanese market from LLM’s license. do.
NEC aims to generate approximately 50 billion yen in sales over the next three years in the AI-related business.