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Launched “Event DX” MIRAIT ONE and FIREWORKS

デジタルツインのイメージ。設置物のサイズや設置間隔を正確に計測可能。現地に行かずとも、あらゆる角度から会場を確認できる(An image of the digital twin. It is possible to accurately measure the size and installation interval of installed objects. You can check the venue from every angle without going to the site)

MIRAIT ONE and FIREWORKS will jointly develop “Event DX: Construction Planning Service”. The two companies will combine technologies and services such as “Digital Twin”, “Local 5G” and “DX Wi-Fi” at the “Sanriku Fireworks Festival” (held last year) hosted by FIREWORKS to enhance the sustainability of the fireworks display. They conducted a demonstration experiment of “Event DX” and confirmed that the digital twin can reduce the setup cost of the event venue.