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Collaborate with local government DX NTT West and Microsoft Japan

右から森林社長、津坂社長(From the right, President Moribayashi and President Tsuzaka)

NTT West will collaborate with Microsoft Japan to accelerate the DX of local governments.
Masaaki Moribayashi, president of NTT West, said, “With the declining population and labor shortages, we believe that local governments should promote a joint model. By jointly building what can be built, costs are reduced and people can focus on their core business.”
Both companies plan to promote local government DX from this perspective.
Specifically, they will develop “Comprehensive support for the cloudization of local government systems”, “Provision of DX services that realize ‘smart local governments'”, “BPO support for local government operations”, and “Digital human resource development support”.
For example, in BPO support for local government operations, in response to the shortage of human resources in local governments, in addition to low-code tools and DX tools such as RPA, generative AI is used to pursue “productivity improvement” and “operational efficiency”. They also offer BPO services (joint DX centers) with joint processing of multiple municipalities.
Through these efforts, the company intends to fill the gap between the current state of local governments and what they should be.
Miki Tsuzaka, President of Microsoft Japan, said, “Our cloud service provides innovative functions that can be used safely. In order to provide optimal services to more customers, We are building a ‘partner ecosystem’ together with partner companies, with an emphasis on local industries and startups.Through our partner ecosystem, we are promoting the digital transformation of our customers.”
Microsoft has decided to incorporate AI into all products and solutions it provides.
Through this collaboration, the two companies expect to generate more than 50 billion yen in sales over the next five years.
Based on this collaboration, the two companies will hold an event for local governments and local vendors, “Municipal DX x ChatGPT-Possibilities of Generative AI-” on June 21 (Wednesday) from 13:00 on NTT West’s open innovation. It will be held at facilities such as “QUINTBRIGE”.