Opened “NEC CONNECT Lab with IOWN” at Abiko Plant in Chiba Prefecture NEC|電経新聞

Opened “NEC CONNECT Lab with IOWN” at Abiko Plant in Chiba Prefecture NEC

NEC has opened the “NEC CONNECT Lab with IOWN” (hereafter referred to as “IOWN Lab”) at the NEC Abiko Plant (Chiba Prefecture) as a place to experience and co-create the new world of IOWN.
At the IOWN Lab, we will conduct interoperability verification of equipment of each company, verification of combined services, and verification in collaboration with each company’s lab with partners and customers who aim to expand their business using IOWN.
In addition, an environment that mimics the connection between corporate data centers and bases by APN (All Photonics Network) will be constructed to present a high-capacity, low-delay network environment.
It will also be used as a venue for technical verification of devices and services by the IOWN Global Forum, which aims to implement the IOWN concept in society.
The IOWN Lab is constructed in an environment using NEC’s optical transmission equipment conforming to the OpenAPN architecture of the IOWN Global Forum.
NEC plans to add IOWN’s elemental technologies such as digital twins, and expand the verification field for the social implementation of use cases envisioned for IOWN such as manufacturing, construction, urban development, and entertainment.