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Delivery plan optimization by AI OKI


OKI sells “LocoMoses,” a delivery plan optimization service that optimizes route delivery plans in the field of logistics using AI.
This service is a SaaS-type service that can automatically plan the optimum load capacity and route in a short time using the “minimum cost route delivery optimization AI” developed by OKI. In addition to relieving the burden of delivery planning work, which has been left to skilled employees, highly efficient route delivery can be realized by incorporating the “divided delivery” method, contributing to a reduction in delivery costs and CO2 emissions. .
First of all, from May 1, 2023, it will be incorporated into the vehicle dispatch system “Lark” sold by Ronco Japan, a co-creation partner, and will be provided.
In the logistics industry, the task of drafting delivery plans depends on some experienced and skilled employees, and personalization is becoming a major problem. In addition, there is a demand for an efficient delivery plan against the background of soaring fuel costs, driver shortages, and reductions in CO2 emissions.