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Creating a related population in the Metaverse Ogijima, Kagawa Prefecture

NTT, NTT West Kagawa, NPO Ogijima Life Research Institute, and Kenohi Co., Ltd. have launched the TENGUNOgijima Project, which aims to create and expand related populations through the photorealistic Metaverse of Ogijima. started a joint study on

In this project, a highly immersive metaverse that utilizes the network and information processing infrastructure of “low delay”, “low power consumption”, “large capacity and high quality” realized by the NTT Group’s IOWN concept will be used in areas centered on remote islands. We will work to solve the various problems that we face.

Specifically, based on the vast amount of information measured on-site, represented by 3D point cloud data, the target area “Ogijima” is reproduced as a highly immersive photorealistic cyberspace. Through this space, while experiencing the rich nature of the local area, we encourage encounters and exchanges with the islanders, and by having them experience life on the island in a real way, we hope that people outside the area will be able to enjoy the “Ogijima Island”. , we aim to create and expand the “related population” and solve various problems facing remote island areas such as “Ogijima”.