Co-creation of nap solutions NTT East and NTT DX partners|電経新聞

Co-creation of nap solutions NTT East and NTT DX partners

NTT East, NTT DX Partners, and McCann Erickson have collaborated to create new businesses, develop services, and organize events to help various companies work together to improve sleep in Japan. As a creative measure, we released a “nap music video “Kare-naru nap” that improves creativity by going through a nap and waking up while watching” (

To improve creativity through a nap. It is a video that caught my attention.
Light sleep by nap is said to be effective in organizing memories touched while awake and activating cognitive functions, and the recommended time to take it is said to be about 20 minutes.

On the other hand, if you continue to nap for a long time, it will shift to the deep sleep stage, which is said to have a negative impact on your performance when you wake up and your sleep at night.