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Growth strategy of Comsys holdings

加賀谷卓社長(President Taku Kagaya )

Interview with Taku Kagaya of Comsys holdings president. Comsys holdings concentrates on about NTT business and
NCC f business without changing. On the other hand, they put ability into IT solution business and social system
business towards the further growth.

— About the present business
Our main customer is NTT Group, and there is no change in concentrating on the infrastructure business.
In the mobile domain such like 5G, not only NTT docomo but also au, Softbank, Rakuten are active so that our
company also needs to correspond to multicareer.

Not only the facility construction but operation and maintenance ,, we have to correspond to multicareer. On the
other hand, the infrastructure construction of each company progresses and it becomes difficult to show
originality with a facility. The competition in upper layers becomes a main. our previous way is insufficient
because circumstance changes sometihng like that.

Of course, we carry out the facility construction firmly as
before. On the other hand, we are indispensable in order that becoming a company which carries out IT solution
business and social system business may grow continuously.

— About growth strategy
IT solution business and social system business are the big point.
IT solution business is classified into “solution”, “software “and “maintenance.” We accelerate growth by taking
in DX and IT investment matter positively.

We are developing from the construction of the Hybrid circumstance of on-premise and Cloud to the maintenance
operation as managed service. We have heightened our multi-Cloud capability by cooperating with Google, Microsoft
and AWS.
Furthermore, we are concentrating on the support domain as well.

In Cloud and IoT, we are appealing the technical capabilities of one-stop, full Layers and full life cycle.
Software development is also strong point with us.
As for social system business, “engineering business”, “renewable energy”and “electricity and telecom” are the
main shaft.
In engineering business, we are carrying out the focus to the pole-free and water service.

In renewable energy, solar power is a big title.
We are also promoting biomass power.

We are also promoting wind power.
As for the current, ICT is embedded as the nerve of infrastructures, such as the marker board on freeway. We are
promoting electricity and telecom from such a sidedness.

— About the measure against COVID-19
About work [ at a site ], an engineer’s attempt was large.
It was relatively easy to do the work of the outdoors.
About the work of backyard, we introduced the remote work.

We were promoting the remote work or the satellite office before COVID-19 but it did not work easily. However, we
have to carry out the remote work by COVID-19.

We are verifying what IT solutions is needed and how to work for us comfortably with it through the trial.

――Challenges of remote work
It is important to familiarize the flow of work with remote work exactly. We have to change the flow of work into remote work way.
We need to introduce the superintendence technique for remote work.

For example, it is evaluating work by the result.
If we cannot evaluate work by the result, the remote work cannot function and cannot improve productivity, either.

As a matter of fact, in order to change the flow of work, it takes time. We would like to attain optimization and to build the work flow which our employees is convinced.

— Female empowerment is demands of the times
Our company try to reform so that not only women but various people can take active part.
Construction industry have had few female employees historically.

On the other hand, various people can take the active part now including women.

Moreover, the managerial post is also asked for the capability to manage female employees.
In order to grow up each employee, it is important to specify what the result is. Introduction of results-oriented is important also from such a viewpoint.

――About global business
Global business is one of the issues to consider for our company. We do not carry out construction management like before there, but are looking for the new way of being concerned.
As everyone knows, population of Japan decreases and also reduce the marketspace.

On the other hand, there is various business also in Japan and the infrastructure investment also succeeds. Depending on the way of business, we can extend various possibilities.

Japanese society becomes mature and times are changing. We have various discussions about Japanese future in such a time.

It is possible to create the business which spreads in whole Japan by reorganization beyond the industry. We would like to try it firmly also as Comsys group.