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Research side 325 COSA NTT device innovation center

COSAの概要( overview of COSA )

NTT device innovation center is furthering the optoelectronic device study-of-techniques exploitation. This supports all photonics network (APN).
Specifically, they are taking charge of the optical transmitter and receiver modules (COSA) for digital coherent.

COSA becomes the resident control program of IOWN. The keyword of IOWN has “optoelectronic fusion.”

COSA is a technique for optoelectronic fusion. It is the micro optical device realized with the silicon photonics technique. It has achieved light and voltaic translation function.

It is the data center that COSA is applied. The inside of data center is processed electrically fundamentally. All networks are optical communications. COSA performs electric translation with optics. It does not achieve APN without COSA.

As for COSA, the introduction to the commercial network begins at the current fiscal year. NTTis promoting the further research and development towards 2030.